Walk About Town – Part I

Well, let’s lighten things up…shall we?  My online e-course has challenged me to take a photowalk as content for a blog entry…actually the Beyond Layers course also challenged us to take photos of the area where we live…

So I chose to walk along the downtown area of the towpath, along the Ohio & Erie Canal, which is in the area where I work every day and about 20 minutes from home…there’s no way on my walk I would not see God’s mercies…

Now I was tempted to do a storyboard, but I couldn’t narrow down all the photos…and then I thought one for each category of photos I took…but that would take more time and I wanted to get this out…

This fine gent (who appeared to be living on the streets, dirty, and had the dental work of someone addicted to methamphetamine)  met the three of us (“Edster”, Bruno and I) early in the walk.  Friendly and engaging – Bruno did not seem to see him any differently.  And I wondered from where his choices had taken him…and I heard the words “and such were some of you.”  Later I saw these homeless lads with a laptop (using an outside outlet) and getting internet service from a cell phone.  Moving on…

That was not the only talent I saw on our walk…

There was Mike…

Mike was humble…chatted for quite a while on a break.  He said he had been commissioned by the City to do a jazz mural.  This was the largest one he had ever done!  Today he was working on Duke Ellington…and he had the pants to prove it!

But given what I saw he had already done…I’m sure the Duke will turn out just great!

Then I found myself attracted to these fire escapes…

and these…

And definitely these…

Walk About Town - Photowalk - Three Escapes

But that was not the only architectural or fine art gifts given on our walk…but that will have to wait until  next time…

With gratitude,


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4 Responses to Walk About Town – Part I

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  2. alterer55 says:

    Fabulous photos and I love your commentary
    It really gives me an insight of your place in the world x

  3. Helen says:

    An interesting set of photos – a real insight into the area and the characters living there.

  4. jdmaleski says:

    really love that last photo — very pretty. Nicely done!

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