5 Facts Friday – Random

It is hard to believe I have not posted in a week…but it has been busy, having less personal time than usual. Forgive me?

But is is 5 Fact Friday ~ yes, from Kim and Xanthe…and here are mine…rather radom but still they were fun!

Enjoy the weekend, my friends!

With gratitude,


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12 Responses to 5 Facts Friday – Random

  1. stacie says:

    Love #4! I really like how you did the layout of the post.

  2. Lissa @ lafcustomdesigns says:

    this is really quite creative and lovely, Denise! Where did you get all your components? did you create some of them. Makes me smile!!

  3. Lovely design Denise. Four seasons are great for photo opps.

  4. lensdancer says:

    Oh my Gosh!! This is awesome, so unique and artistic. This assignment really sparked the creative juices didn’t it? I love your 5 facts … especially #1 … and well, all of them!!
    Have a lovely weekend, so nice to get to know each other this way.

  5. nancyjean says:

    hi Denise…boy, i know what you mean about a busy week…i am lucky to get just one post in each week! Your layout is just lovely…so hoping to hear about your concert with those talented italian boys! Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Roxi says:

    ditto to all of your 5! Missed you, glad you’re back.

  7. such a great idea for your layout!! I like your view on #5!

  8. Great layout Denise great 5 I’m going to continue doing it are you ?x

  9. Andrea says:

    Great layout. So looking foward to fall!

  10. Helen says:

    Loving your facts! I couldn’t agree more about learning and stimulation!

  11. Angela says:

    I think you could offer some fabulous training about how you do what you do on your blog! Love your facts.

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