Gift of Goldfinches on Labor Day

Labor Day 2012…

Hot, humid, and I was working at the table in the air conditioning…lots of computer work today.  I looked out the sliding glass doors viewing the deck.  The sunflowers that were blazing just a week or so ago,  now had their heads bowed as their golden petals withered in the waning summer on its last holiday.

Rather than mourn my loss, I looked for God’s gifts…the mercies we fail to see when we are forced to face change.  And with my camera and my 300mm zoom, I saw.  I saw and captured His faithfulness.  My heart repeated Jesus’ words in Matthew 6:26 once again, “Look at the birds…”  (If you have read earlier posts, you know that birds hold a special place with me…)

 Gift of Goldfinches on Labor Day
These winged marvels reminded me of God’s provision and care…how His timing is always perfect (never early/never late)…and how He makes all things beautiful in His time.

These sunflowers were not purposefully planted…they were volunteers from bird feeders filled until early summer.  God wastes nothing.  And uses all for our good.

I finished up  my coursework on the computer…but most of the day I was mesmerized by the gift of the Goldfinches that God sent my way.

With gratitude,


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6 Responses to Gift of Goldfinches on Labor Day

  1. RedWillow says:

    So very very Beautiful. What a blessing to stop here just before I shut down. Words I can take with me always in Matthew . Your images are magical.

  2. Angela says:

    Love your attitude and am enjoying the gifts you share on your blog.

  3. So beautiful Denise you are a great photographer….

  4. Kristina says:

    What gorgeous photos and beautiful words……

  5. nancyjeann says:

    Hi Denise, how what wonderful photos…such a great capture of these beauties…

  6. Jessica says:

    I love the goldfinches — we get them too here in VA and I just love their bright sunny yellow! Gorgeous photos of them too — even with my 300mm I am not able to get that good of a shot. So kudos!

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