Three Gifts Returned ~ Day 5

Well, I thought I would have so much more time on vacation…wrong!

There’s so much to see and do!

So, continuing my Joy Dare … three gifts returned …  I think the challenge of all this is just taking the time to see, pausing to think…

  • A smile returned from my youngest grandson, Elijah…

  • The squeeze back of my hand from my mother who no longer knows who I am…


  • Bruno’s wag of his stub tail when he hears me call his name…

It’s all grace…


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7 Responses to Three Gifts Returned ~ Day 5

  1. Deborah Keeling says:

    Beautiful Denise! You are so right about all three! Keep the inspiration coming please!

  2. Scribbler says:

    Enchanting Photos! Your love your family is inspiring.

    Adieu, scribbler

  3. nancyjean says:

    Oh denise…your post is just beautiful….

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