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Fall Frolic Full of Remembering ~ Part 1

  Last night after work, Edster and I (and yes, my stepdog, Bruno) took advantage of a cool, mid-September evening.  We strolled around the Brandywine Falls area…part of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park about 15 miles away.  It is full of … Continue reading

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When You Run Out of Fantastic…

We just started a series in the book of Hebrews at church…whoa, heavy duty…and definitely NOT a fast read…kind of like mining for precious treasures…or coal with a three-foot ceiling with a pick axe.  Not easy, but the effort is … Continue reading

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Gift of Goldfinches on Labor Day

Labor Day 2012… Hot, humid, and I was working at the table in the air conditioning…lots of computer work today.  I looked out the sliding glass doors viewing the deck.  The sunflowers that were blazing just a week or so … Continue reading

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Breaking Up is Hard to Do

It was time.  It had to be done.  I needed to make room in my heart (and my drawers) .  But breaking up is hard to do…and I had put it off for so long… But I was neither doing … Continue reading

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Stop…Breathe…Control my Cortisol

Wow…I walk into the office this morning…a call from our intensive care unit about a medically-ready, medically-fragile child not able to go home because of bureaucratic glitches that I have to untangle.  I call them “untangling the Christmas lights.” I had an … Continue reading

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More from Behind the Scenes – Five (5) Questions!

Well, that Kim and Xanthe  continue to stretch we “grasshoppers” taking the  Behind the Scenes e-course.  So today we have five questions to answer…no right or wrong answers…  So here goes: 1. What makes you happy…in five words or less…? Hmmm…I … Continue reading

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Remembering God’s Mercies When I Hurt…Part II

I really had no idea how God could break through and help me see His gifts in the pain I spoke about in my last entry…I doubted  it could be possible.  My perspective was dismal.  That was my first wrong … Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes – Reflection of You

Gifts abound!!!!!  An amazing surprise occurred through Kim Klassen’s e-c0urse Beyond Layers…and a brand spanking new course by Kim and Xanthe inspirational e-course on blogging!  Starting on June 26, the class, Behind the Scenes – Reflection of You, began.  And now I am ready … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day Mercies

“If we could see beyond today as God can see…” is my mother’s favorite song.  And since October 2011, I have been challenged and inspired to seek the gifts God brings each day, through my photography, through Ann Voskamp’s book, … Continue reading

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